BLKMOODYBOI, El pueblo unido jamás será vencido

@BlkMoodyBoi is a Non-binary trans Afro-Indigenous self taught illustrator that centres Black and Brown trans people in their art. Their practice is based solely on collectivity/ community, lived experience and the power of the proletariat. Understanding art as a collective process of knowledge sharing and reciprocity. A tool for revolution.
Haneen Nazzal,
  •  الحرية لأسرى الحرية = Free Prisoners of Freedom
  • شهداء بيتا = Five Martyrs
  • لن نرحل = We Will Never Leave
  • حراس الجبل = The Battle of the Mountain

Haneen Nazzal, is a Palestinian Visual Artist based in Ramallah, Palestine. She graduated with a BA degree in architecture from Al-Najah National University, in 2014. After practicing architecture for 4 years, Haneen decided to follow her passion and switched to visual arts. She views graphic arts as a form of resistance and a medium to support the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice. She has recently stood out as a leading artist in the defense of Palestinian rights and her illustrations have set their mark on the 2021 Palestinian uprising.
The International Imagination of Anti-National Anti-Imperialist Feelings, Until our lands are free, a Globalize the Intifada zine

Until our lands are free, a Globalize the Intifada zine (summer 2021) organized by International Imagination of Anti-National Anti-imperialist Feelings. This document builds on ten years of movement work in the city, nourished in turn by many generations and legacies of struggle from around the world. It weaves together principles, practices, and lessons of anti-capitalist, decolonial, abolitionist, and anti-imperialist political formations, and operates autonomously from any sectarian organizations, political parties, state regimes, or nonprofit entities.

Golrokh Nafisi, Intifada

Golrokh Nafisi is an Illustrator, animator, and puppet maker that experiments with performances in public space. Nafisi works through bodies and ideologies to imagine and shape new works forms of collective action.

Lamia Abukhadra, For the Unsettled World to Come (for Mizna and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts)

Lamia Abukhadra is a Palestinian American artist currently based in Beirut and Minneapolis. Using Palestine as a microcosm of urgency and resistance, she embeds speculative frameworks, intuited from practices present long before the settler colonial project, which bring to light intimate and historical connections, poetic occurrences, and generative possibilities of survival, mutation, and self-determination. Lamia graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BFA in interdisciplinary studio art in 2018 and is a 2019-2020 Home Workspace Program Fellow at Ashkal Alwan in Beirut as well as a 2021-22 Jan Van Eyck Academie Resident in Maastricht.
Darina Jabr, Hands of Resistance

Darina Jabr is a 22-year-old visual artist born and based in Jerusalem who enjoys making animations, posters and illustrations.
lena siksik, A Black Lens on Palestinian Liberation (for JVP BIJOCSM Network (Black Indigenous Jews of Color Sephardim Mizrahim)

lena is a Palestinian cultural worker with a background in graphic design, education, and architecture. She is based in LA until right of return, after which she will go home to Yaffa.
Haitham Haddad - studio MNJNK, I dont usually draw the Palestinian flag.. but when i do..

Haitham Haddad is a Palestinian illustrator, visual artist, and graphic designer based in Haifa.

Mooni Studios, It’s not Complicated (for Ma3azef Magazine)

Mooni Studios is a design, research and art studio based in Jerusalem/Amsterdam.
Their diverse practice is present in both commissioned and self initiated projects.
Mooni’s project were featured in the past at various places such as: Dazed France,
Ma3azef Magazine, Eye Film Museum, Year Zero etc.

June LS,  Indigenous Peoples Everywhere Resist Settler Colonialism

June LS is a two-spirit, multidisciplinary artist living on Ohlone Land in Oakland, California. They design and print posters and agitational propaganda for Tenant And Neighborhood Councils (a Bay Area tenants’ union) and for other political purposes.
Fana’ Collective, A Strike in Anger

Fana' is a collective based in Ramallah, Palestine. The name comes from multiple roots in the Arabic language, one being the annihilation of the self or the re-birth of the new self in Sufism. We aim to deconstruct and deproduce truth in social, philosophical and cultural activitiy. We wish to uncover the processes in which 'things' are created or uncreated rather than only posing the end product of these 'things'.

MaryAnn JaraisyQueer Solidarity for Palestine (for Aswat organization)

Palestinian Graphic artist, freelancer, with more than 25 years experience in design and digital art, based in Amsterdam, Passionate about Arabic typography and calligraphy, and in my free time I’m a Ceramist.

Following the recent popular resistance that stretched all over historic Palestine and echoed around the world, Aswat issued a call for a Global Queer Solidarity with Palestine.

Click to read  the full manifesto titled: Palestine is a Queer Issue
Haithem Ennasr, Sunrise - BDS

Haithem Ennasr is a Palestinian multidisciplinary artist and designer, their works include experimental videogames, drawings, paintings, objects, and text. Haitham's practice is based on internationalist revolutionary movements and can be viewed through the vernacular of Sci-Fi-Folk.

Samir Harb , A new Imaginary of continuity

I am an architect, cartoonist, and geographer. In my work, I explore the forms of injustice and how it is articulated in banal materials and day-to-day spaces and human practices.  The comic narrative is the medium to talk about politics, space, geography and many subjectivities.

These pages are from part of a comic published in Cypher, edition 10,  which is an online graphic magazine issued monthly by human rights organisation Frontline Defenders.
Wendy Elisheva Somerson, Queer as in Free Palestine 

Wendy Elisheva Somerson is an activist, artist, and healer who also helped found the Seattle chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace.
Data4BlackLives, Data for Black Lives Statement in Solidarity with Palestine (for Studio 45 Turbo)

Data for Black Lives is a movement of activists, organizers, and scientists committed to the mission of using data to create concrete and measurable change in the lives of Black people.
Layan Attari, Against Apartheid

This poster was designed to accompany a letter from Palestine that was collaboratively written and signed by a great number of Palestinian artists, writers, and cultural workers. The letter was inspired by the most significant elements of what has unfolded in Palestine this year, and echoes the expression of a unified Palestinian voice in its struggle for decolonization and justice. It has been globally signed by 7000 artists, writers, musicians and cultural workers.

ليأتي العالم غير المستعمر

يجمع هذا المشروع الرسومات والأعمال الفنية التي صممت في صيف 2021، خلال فترة الثورة الشعبية داخل وخارج فلسطين. تدعو هذه الأعمال التي أعيد إنتاجها على شكل ثلاثة وعشرين ملصقًا إلى عولمة الانتفاضة، مما يجعل الانتفاضة الفلسطينية ثورةً لجميع الذين يكافحون ضد أنظمة القمع والتشريد المتداخلة.

حشدًا لشبكات التضامن والمقاومة، تمت مشاركة هذه الأعمال الفنية ووسمها بالهاشتاج وتعميمها عالميًا لمكافحة الاضطهاد والاستعمار. هؤلاء الفنانين المشاركين هم من فلسطين ومن خارجها، وتعمل كل مساهمة على دعم المقاومة الفلسطينية ضد التهجير ومن أجل النضال المستمر داخل الأراضي المحتلة والمقسّمة.

بمساهمات من: BLKMOODYBOI، حنين نزال، دارينا جبر، غولروخ نفيسي، لينا سكسك، لميا ابو خضرا، هيثم حداد، Mooni Studio، مجموعة فناء، Data for Black Lives، June LS، هيثم النصر، ليان عطاري، ماري آن جرايسي، سمير حرب، ويندي إليشيفا سومرسون.

هذه المداخلة بالتعاون مع يارا عباس ونورا عكاوي وفوز كبرا.

سيتم عرض الملصقات المطبوعة على واجهة مكتبة "برينتد ماتر" Printed Matter لعدّة أسابيع، وهي معروضة للشراء بكميّات محدودة. سيتمّ التبرع بعائدات المبيعات إلى مؤسسة القوس. سعر الملصق الواحد 20 دولار.

تمّت طباعة الأعمال طباعةً رقميّة بقياس 14.25 × 20.25 بوصة لكلٍّ منها، باستثناء ملصق June LS ، والذي تمّت طباعته بواسطة الريسوجراف وقياسه 11 × 17 بوصة.
ملاحظة: سيتمّ شحن الملصقات المطلوبة عبر الموقع الإلكتروني بشكل ملفوف.

* عنوان المشروع مستعار من لمياء أبو خضرا ليأتي العالم غير المستعمر (2021)

For the Unsettled World to Come*

This project gathers illustrations and artworks made in the summer of 2021, during a period of mass rebellion in Palestine and abroad. Produced as twenty-three posters, these works call to globalize the intifada, making the Palestinian uprising one for all people struggling against entangled systems of oppression and dispossession.

Mobilising networks of solidarity and resistance, these artworks have been shared, hashtagged, and circulated globally in the fight against oppression and colonialism. The artists included are from Palestine and beyond, with each contribution amplifying the Palestinian resistance to displacement and the ongoing struggles within occupied and divided lands.

With contributions by: BLKMOODYBOI, Haneen Nazzal, Darina Jabr, Golrokh Nafisi, lena siksik, Lamia Abukhadra, Haitham Haddad, Mooni Studio, Fana’ Collective, Data for Black Lives, June LS, Haitham Ennasr, Layan Attari, MaryAnn Jaraisy, Samir Harb, Wendy Elisheva Somerson.

This intervention was put together by with Yara Abbas, Nora Akawi, and Fawz Kabra.  

Posters will be on view in the Printed Matter storefront window for several weeks, and are available for purchase in limited quantities. Proceeds from sales will be donated to alQaws. Retail is $20 each.

Works are digitally printed and measure 14.25 x 20.25” each, with the exception of the poster by June LS, which is risograph-printed and measures 11 x 17”. Note that web orders will be shipped rolled.

* The title of this project is borrowed from Lamia Abukhadra’s For the Unsettled World to Come (2021)